Know about the EdTech

EdTech is also referred to as Education Technology. It is the stream of technology dedicated to the application and development of tools like processes, hardware and software designed to promote education.
In other words, EdTech is an ethical practice and study for improving performance and facilitating learning by managing, using, and creating appropriate technological resources and processes. As it is a developing field, many people may think Edtech as a specialized niche. Its potential consequences are far-reaching and could affect several sections of the population.

One of the experts of EdTech and educator, Caleb Clark shares the significance of Edtech in a different way. He says that geek cannot teach and teachers cannot geek. It means strong educators are not inclined or equipped with the existing technology and could not apply to teach the subject. They have various challenges in the world apart from being an IT expert to teach the students.

The successful development of Education Technology tools will influence every part of the future. Available and operative solutions for quality education could enhance teachers and students to concentrate on the learning task. It helps them to achieve lots with the resources, enhance the education quality present to young people and remain equipped for the future.