Educational Technology Office in the United States

The Educational Technology Office has been included by the Department of Education of the United States. It influences the way schools and teachers incorporate technology in education.

The Educational Technology Office works on a mission to develop a national policy regarding technology adoption in the educational environment. The website provides resources for families, students and educators and also educational software developers. The entire community ensures that students could use internet and teachers makes use of all the best educational technology tools.

The Educational Technology Office has accomplished the National Educational Technology Plan in 2016. It is the most important accomplishments of the community. It is a complete resource that is readable and significant policy paper with lot of research, favorite technology tools,and real classroom examples. It can be downloaded from the community website in form of PDF.

Open educational resources is another important area to learn and understand. Nowadays, several teachers are developing classroom resources and show to teachers in other parts of the country. The educators are doing their best part in social media and it has caused lot of awareness about the education system and resource sharing. If you wish to know more, you can use #GoOpen and research on Facebook.