Education In The US And Its Funding

One of the most basic needs of every child is that of education. In the US, education became a part of the government funding with common schools of the nineteenth century in the US that taught children the basics of writing and basic skills. As far as the US is concerned, the government has recognized the essential need for education to ensure that every child has the freedom for education. Public schools in the US are provided free of cost. There are different kinds of schools in the US that that include both public and private schools. Private schools include Montessori schools, boarding schools and so on.

The current global economy has brought with it the need for quality education, even if means basic education skills such as math and language. Higher levels of education in the US focus on various subjects such as agriculture, engineering, art, and science. Students who wish to specialize in a particular subject have the option of going to college and majoring in a specific area of their choice. A college education is expensive and may require a significant amount of money as it requires an in-depth knowledge of the subject, and may require a student education loan.