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Rick Gerson
You know how books and movies always have a character that is hopped around the US as a kid. Well, I, Chris Biden, was one of those children. My parents moved from one city to another, and they changed homes from one state to a new one every few years. As a result, I studied in a lot of schools across America when I was growing up. The constant change of schools gave me an inside knowledge of how different academic institutes used the education system of the country. To further my understanding, I opted to graduate in academics.
Pave Academy is my tool to giving out information about the education system in the USA. I tackle hard-hitting topics like the funding status of the education in the nation to the utilisation of technology to better comprehension in students. The website has multiple goals that range from providing wise words on the value of primary learning to the need of employing tech in schools.
My hope is that you, the reader, enjoy browsing the site as much as I love writing it. My wish is that, if ever, you doubt the system that has been put in place by the powers-to-be, you can use the website to clear it.